Help with Device showing in app that isnt mine


I have smartthings hub and app on my iphone. Everything works fine. However every day i see a “fan” device show up on my app that isnt mine. I have deleted it and the next day it shows back up. How is this device showing in my smartthings app and how can i prevent this from coming back ?

Some more information might be helpful:

Assuming the NEW smartThing app:

  • What is the device (name, brand)?
  • Do you have devices from the same brand in SmartThings?

If you do have other devices from the same company, it is likely the integration from that vendor. They somehow have a device tied to you that is not yours. Go to the manufacturer’s phone app and make sure the Fan is not listed. If it is, try to uninstall. If you can not uninstall, contact the manufacturer’s tech support.

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