Help with askAlexa app

Hey All, I am trying to set up the askAlexa app and I need help. I have set up what I believe is everything in the Smartthing IDE. I have setup the code in the Lambda area but I need to set these
// Paste app code here between the breaks------------------------------------------------
var STappID = ‘’;
var STtoken = ‘’;
var url=‘’ + STappID + ‘/’ ;
I am not sure where to get this information.
Any help would be appreciated.
I am still not sure how these work together but I believe.

Hi @trirocketman, did you see the wiki on setting up askAlexa? Look for this:

What you’re looking for can be found via Live Logging in the IDE once you go into the setup variables in the askAlexa app and tap on Settings -> Setup Variables.

I am the author of Ask Alexa. @johnconstantelo is spot on, but if you have issues, let me know…you are close!

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I have the app started on my iPad, do I just type this into the Lambda code?

I have everything set up and all I get from Alexa is “there is a problem with the requested skills response”.
After all this work I hate to give up on the whole thing.