Help with Aeon Doorbell "Beep" and "Siren"

Newbie question:

I’ve been able to install a new device type using the code on the forum, so I can see/set the doorbell, beep, and siren tones. However, I don’t know how to have an event trigger a specific one of them – all events just trigger the doorbell sound. I’d like to be able to have, for example, a door opening trigger the doorbell sound, a window opening trigger the beep sound, and a motion sensor trigger the alarm sound (each with different number of repeats, volume, etc).

Is this done with a SmartApp? Or do I somehow create multiple copies of the device that would each be set up as one of the sounds? If it’s done with a SmartApp, how would I send the parameters (.e.g., sound, volume, etc)? Would there be a current SmartApp that I could load/edit rather than starting from scratch?

Thanx much. With all of the information available out there (much of which is now OBE), I’m having a hard time doing more than the basics.

Sorry all…

I think I put this in the wrong place, and besides, I’ve figured it out!!!

I love CoRE!!!

This Device Handler allows you to use CoRE, SHM and Speaker Notify with Sound to monitor things and play different tracks, at different volumes, with different repeats.

CoRE is still the best option for anything complex.

Got it. I was able to get CoRE installed and it works great!

Thanx much. Jerry