Help with Abode, smart things and IFFT?

Hey all!

So here’s what I’m trying to do, I’m purchasing Abode next week and it’s IFFT enabled.

Abode as my main security system, I’m looking to have SHM as my secondary security system. I’ll have a pretty small apartment. I’m running into an issue having ST change its mode via IFFT. I want it to arm based on the status of abode.

What I’m looking for: My phones presence arms abode, IFFT sends recipie to ST and arms ST or run another switch at a later date, likewise, disarm when I arrive avail for expansion based on the status of abode.

I understand I can just have both systems read my phone but I’m unsure how that will impact my battery life (6s plus)

FYI, I did try to make a virtual button/switch… I don’t understand how to assign it to an actual action.

Any input? Thank you!

Once you have a virtual switch, you use it just like any other switch.

So now the question is how do you have turning on a switch change your mode or run a routine?

There are two smart apps available in the marketplace section of the official mobile app which do just that. :sunglasses: (Under Lights and Switches.) They will work with either a physical switch or virtual switch. They’ve been around for a while and are very popular. They use the old terminology, “hello home phrase” instead of routine, but it’s the same thing.

Since a routine can change the SHM status, that’s the simplest way to do that. (Although as always with SmartThings, there are many ways to do this.


  1. create a virtual switch

  2. create a routine to change the SHM status

  3. install a smartapp to have that switch run that routine.

  1. create an IFTTT recipe so that the abode status change turns on that switch

Keepnin mind that Abode geopresence is in beta, and is not even as reliable as ST phones, if that gives you a clue. What I found it works best, I mean rock solid for 6 plus months is this

I picked a real switch from ST that I always tuen on when the away routine runs. When switch comes on, arms Abode. On return I use life 360 to disarm both ST and Abode also via IFTTT. Flawless for me, and very easy to set up and troubleshoot.



So 360 takes into account your location and you use that for disarming, That’s neat.

There are so many different ways to do this, seems to make my imagination wander. :slight_smile:

Nice to see a couple of Abode users around I was expecting it to be as reliable as my Automatic IFTT application and its geocaching. :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much for this! This is EXACTLY what I need, So essentially I should make both on and off the same switch to away?

Should I make Off switch to Home and On to Away? From what i’ve read it will stay on until I make a change. Right now I can see it working this way.

Come home, 360 disarms, switch turns off which tells shm “I’m home!” 360 or presence/Abode presence tells iftt i’m gone and runs the swtich again telling it to turn ON

You can set it up however it makes the most sense to you. :sunglasses:

You can have one switch for home and another switch for away.

Or You can have just one switch where on means home and off means away.