Help with a smart app

I have a door sensor that turns on a hall light to 10% late at night for my daughter. if the light is off and I tell alexa to turn on all lights in the living room and hall it turns she them on but it seems that 1 light is stuck at 10%. i know its something easy i am missing. point me in the correct direction please

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it seems that 1 light is stuck at 10%
[/quote]If you can’t change it through the Mobile App either, I recommend factory resetting the bulb.

GE Link Bulbs can be reset by using the light switch. turn on and wait 3 seconds, turn off and wait 3 seconds, and then repeat that about 5 times.

Cree bulbs can be reset by using the light switch. turn on and wait 1 second, turn off and wait 2 seconds and repeat that about 3 times.

The bulbs will either flash or dim on their own to indicate that they’ve been reset.

My guess is the app you are using is issuing an on() command and the bulb is just one of the ones that remembers the last level when turned off. I am not sure if you are using your own custom apps for all of this but the app you are using with is likely issuing only an on() command. If you are using custom apps you can add a setLevel(100) command as well as the on() command, if you don’t want to mess with any of that you should be able to workaround by telling Alexa to turn on the lights and then tell Alexa to set the lights to 100 percent.

“Alexa, turn on the lights in the living room” followed by “Alexa, set the living room lights to 100%”

you are correct i had to work on my app request settings