Help! What to call the LAN for a FAQ?


Again, my concern is that if we just use something like “LAN” or “LAN/WiFi” it wouldn’t meet the purpose of this particular thread, which was to find a term for the quick browse list for the topics about the LAN infrastructure, but which would not prompt people to misapply it to things like “how do I connect this $8 Wi-Fi plug-in that I just bought from Amazon?”

That is, the orphan threads I was trying to rescue from just being on the “miscellaneous” quick browse list were the ones that had to do with static IP addresses, VLANS, etc. All useful information, but likely to get buried again if people just started applying the tag to all the threads about Wi-Fi end devices.

But it’s sorted for now, thanks. :sunglasses:

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What category / tag does that question go under?


If it rose to the level of justifying being added to the quick browse lists, it would go on the one for its device class. For example, if it had a DTH, it would go on “DTH_pocketsocket.”

If it just ended up being a discussion of the particular device, it would be enough to put the brand and model number in the topic title, as that way future searches would find it.

Remember the quick browse threads are not in themselves intended to substitute for the wiki or the forums. They are literally just a quick way of pulling up meaningful threads for some common searches. Holiday projects or Lighting smartapps or DTHs for sirens when you can’t quite remember the name of the siren. :wink: