Help setting up smart home security with Ring Alarm and SmartThings?

New to smart home automation and hoping for some advice and step-by-step instructions on how to connect everything.

I have the following components available to me:

  • -Yi 1080p Home camera
  • -TP link smart plug(s)
  • -Google Home Mini
  • -Amazon Echo Dot
  • -Ring home alarm system (base station, keypad control panel, motion detector, contact sensor, and range extender)
  • -Smartthings hub
  • -IFTTT

My goal is to ideally have the following, but I don’t know where to begin:

  1. Arm Ring alarm
  2. triggers power ON to the TP outlet the YI camera is plugged into
  3. Have the YI camera begin recording when motion is detected either via the camera itself or the Ring motion detector
  4. TP plug power off when we arrive home and disable away status on the Ring system.

Is the above doable with the above equipment? Also, can it be done without the Smartthings hub?

Help and instructions would be VERY greatly appreciated!

The SmartThings platform is not intended for use without some model of SmartThings Hub.

There are various compatible “cloud connected devices”, but you can’t even link the SmartThings App to a Location without a Hub. (Well… It may be possible with a hack, but don’t expect it to work reliably or with Support).

That’s not true any more - possibly still the case with Classic but I started with a Samsung TV and no hub in sight, worked perfectly fine with the new app. Same applies with 3rd party C2C and other Wifi enabled Samsung products.

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