HELP: Send notification for open door unless presence sensor detected

I’m new to SmartThings, and am trying to get my system set up. I travel often for work, and want to make ST send a text notification to someone in the area if any of my doors or windows are opened. However, I would like to have an exception so this alert is only sent if there is nobody at home.

For example, if my friend comes over to water my plants, I don’t want that to trigger an alert. She has a presence sensor on her keychain that is linked up with my hub. But, if someone tries to break into the house, then I want it to trigger an alert.

I can find all sorts of settings and code to allow me to get notifications when any of my open/close sensors are triggered, but i can’t figure out how to set up the system to exclude specific people who are recognized. Any ideas?

Lookup Smart Alarm. It will arm/disarm based off what Mode you are in and you can set the Mode based off of presence sensors. I am out right now and cannot get into to many details.
If you have questions post them and I will get back to you. Also someone else is bound to chime in as well :smile:

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