HELP! Schlage Encode WiFi Lock

SmartThings Braintrust,

I have a Schlage Encode WiFi based lock that came with my house.

I did some serious googling but have not found anything that will link this to my SmartThings.

Full disclosure- I may have purchased and installed 3 other identical locks before searching for ST connectivity… ya, my bad :frowning:

The manufacturer website calls out Alexa, Amazon Key, and Google connectivity. I think it’s a relatively new product.

ASK- Does anyone know how to link these? Or if it’s even a possibility?!?!!?


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There’s no direct integration possible at this time. :disappointed_relieved:

You could get a very limited partial integration which would allow you to lock or unlock only (not add new codes or anything like that) by using echo as a “man in the middle.“ But it would be awkward, clunky, A pain to set up, and again only a partial integration.

Basically you would have to set up a second speaker device (typically an android tablet) next to an echo and have the second speaker say the commands so that the echo will respond to those.

Like I said, doable, but clunky and a lot of work.

FAQ: Can I trigger an Echo Action without Speaking to It?

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Thank you for the response…there’s hopefully going to be a better way developed!

That’s a cool work around but the wife will not approve haha

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… asked the same question a couple months back directly to Smartthings…

In replies all text above this line is added to the ticket

Hannah (SmartThings)

Oct 30, 8:13 AM MST


Hope you’re having a nice day so far, thanks for reaching out.

Unfortunately, at this moment in time, the Schlage Encode door lock is not compatible with SmartThings and I can’t really give you an answer on when (or if) this will be compatible in the future. We do have other branded door locks that you’re welcome to take a look at.

For future reference, you can head over to this link to check which products are compatible:

I hope that helps!

Best regards,

SmartThings Support

It looks like Brilliant figured out a way to incorporate it to their app? Not sure if there’s a way to figure out how. I think I’m just going to run all my routines through Google Home which can include locking the doors of the Encodes

Brilliant is an Amazon partner with Alexa built into the device. So they were able to add Schlage encode integration through the Amazon partnership. SmartThings does not participate in that program at this time.

Brilliant Controls are pretty neat…I wonder if I could use SmartThings through Brilliant to control the locks

I really want to stick with ONE app to control everything and SmartThings has the wife approval already.

Ps- @Smartthings pleeeeease support this if you can. It’s a WiFi based lock. I can’t imagine it would be hard at all to integrate this!!! It’s now a standard lock that is installed with the nation’s largest home builder! They also give you a SmartThings V3 so it would make sense if you could control everything from there!!!

As of 2019 with the new platform, it is now up to the device manufacturer to create the integration for WiFi devices. Smartthings has made it much easier for them, which is why we are seeing so many being added into the new V3 app. But if you want to see this integration your best bet is to ask Schlage to add it. :sunglasses:

Welp, I emailed them and requested…now we play the waiting game…

If anyone else wants to jump in and request as well…please do

Damn! I’m needing the same thing to create some lock code integrations for an AirBnb. I hope this gets resolved soon because SmartThings compatibility is the only way it’s going to work.

I know this is an older thread but I just bought a new encode lock. I knew ahead of time it didn’t work with SmartThings but I don’t really know what I would need that for although I guess it’s nice to have everything connected to the same app. The schlage app has scheduling, remote control etc. Plus I have Alexa devices in the house so if it pairs with them the voice control will work fine. With Z-Wave and ZigBee switches That didn’t connect to my echo because mine doesn’t have a hub They would get voice control through smart things with smart things connected to Alexa. The way I see it more and more smart devices like this are going Wi-Fi built in, the only real negative I can see in this situation is too many apps. I figure if my smart thing hub croaks and I decide to go with something else having the lock run via Wi-Fi and Alexa will be good.

I have a frankenstein integration similar to what JD alluded to in his response. I have a SmartThings virtual switch trigger an IFTTT routine which uses a trigger monkey to trigger an Alexa routine to lock and unlock the door. It would be nice if there was SmartThings integration for this lock. The reason I chose this lock was because of the Brilliant integration.

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Where can I buy one of these monkeys and are they hard to feed?

It’s in a reference to the Alexa “voice monkey“ skill. :wink: :monkey_face:

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