Help required for DH for ZConnect Garage Door Module

Hello all.
I am just starting with Smartthings. Here in Australia there is only 1 retailer and as such the Smartthings system is not very well known. I had to have my hub shipped from interstate.
I am currently in the process of transferring my home automation setup from a Zipato Zipabox.
After reading some of the developer documentation and editing existing device handlers I have managed to have my Zipato wall modules recognised along with DHS dual relay modules.
One the most used devices in my current system is a garage control module made by ZConnect. This may be a brand specific to Australia.
The device has two relays and two sensor inputs.It also has an optional SBus input. It is powered by 5 to 24VDC.
It is an excellent unit with a great deal of internal programming available .
The relays can be used to control 2 doors or one for a door and one for a light or siren. The operation of the the light/siren, including delays and strobe timing, is all handled within the unit.
Currently one sensor input is used for a door open/closed limit switch, the other is connected to an IR beam sensor. The IR beam input has been configured, via parameters, to block operation of the door if obstructed.
The module appears to other Z Wave controllers (Zipabox, Vera, Fibaro Home Centre) as two basic relays and two binary sensors.
I started reading about creating composite device handlers but I’m afraid it’s way beyond my current capabilities.
I have managed to have the module recognised as a Z Wave relay and then changed the device handler to a dual switch. This seems to work the relay functions but I can’t get the sensors to appear.
I was wondering could someone give me some advice as the best way to get this module into the Smartthings world.
Here is the URL for the device manual
I have limited programming experience but can follow instructions reasonably well.
Thank You

Welcome to the forums! While I don’t have the exact answer you’re looking for, you could check into the developer docs for creating smart apps. However, most z-wave devices will not need a special device handler for most functions.

I would remove the device from ST, z-wave exclude.
Then When you + add a device in the ST app, does only one relay show as a new device to add?

Also, if you’re looking for the custom settings, you can set them withz-wave tweaker community app, then switch back to a generic z-wave device handler. The settings should remain after switching back. You could do that without deleting the device you have and repairing it etc. Just install z-wave tweaker custom app, publish etc then change the device type in the IDE to z wave tweaker.

Hi Matt,
Thanks for your welcome and your reply.
You’re correct. The device shows as a single relay when I exclude and include it in the ST hub.
I have already installed the Z Wave tweaker app and used it to change some of my other devices ‘ parameters.
I have had a look at some of the developer documentation. There is certainly a wealth of information, a lot of which I’m struggling to “get my head around “. I don’t have a background in programming but I did work with complex electrical systems during my working life.
I did manage however to learn enough to create what was basically an empty device handler,using the manufacturer ID, Product ID and Model as a device fingerprint.
When the device joined the network it was recognised as my “ZConnect Garage Control” device, but of course it does nothing.
I need to learn more about DH structure and composite devices. It may be some time before I make any real progress, I think.