Help ~ replaced wi-fi system and can not get hub online

I replaced our old wi-fi network with a new system and I don’t see any way to update the wi-fi info in app.

App says hub is offline

Hub has been rebooted and has a solid green light.

Which hub do you have?

second gen. It was working great until I upgraded my wi-fi system. Now i don’t see an option to reconnect, change network or password.

The v2 hub is connected by Ethernet, not wifi… Make sure it is connected to a switch that has internet access.


it is connected to my Orbi via cables but the Smart Thing hub was set up on a different wi-fi network that is now removed.

All of the lights indicate that it is connected correctly.

How can I tell smartThings hub that it needs to connect to a different wi-fi network?

The SmartThings hub has no WiFi, it doesn’t connect wirelessly to the internet. It must be hard wired using a network cable.

If you have it cabled and it’s still not working, first check on your router if you can see the device (it’ll pick up an IP address from DHCP).

If it has a IP, confirm it’s allowed out to the internet with any firewall you have in place.

Update: also check the device you are using SmartThings app on has an internet connection - else it’ll show offline.


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The update you said is not true. If your phone doesn’t have wifi, when you open the smart app it will post “no internet connection”. It will not post that your hub is offline.

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I’ve seen a few instances of it not reporting that; if you hub is offline and you open the app, go offline and the hub comes back - it forgets to update the status message - maybe just a bug in iOS and doesn’t happen often but might be worth a try.