Help Please - Sump Pump app by tslagle13

(Sean) #1

I installed the sump pump app by tslagle13 but am having nothing but issues. First issue is this is all I see when I open up the app:

I cannot do anything but set those two times but when I do nothing happens. The second issue is I get out of the app (go back) it installs it in the ‘Safety and Security’ even though it isn’t configured and it shows up three times. I tried to delete through the IDE but it can’t delete it.

Help please

(Tim Slagle) #2

Where did you pull the code from?

Edit: I’m seeing the same thing. STs must of changed something I haven’t touched the app in months. I’ll take a look at it tomorrow if I have time.

(Sean) #3

I pulled the code from your github but originally from the ST community forum. Tonight I went to your github to copy it from there.

Thank you, I’d love to try your app.

(Greg) #4

Mine isn’t showing this, but it was already installed.

(Tim Slagle) #5

Check my github again. Somehow my code got borked. All good now. Thanks to @greg he had a backup.

(Sean) #6

Thank you, it looks so much better now and I was able to uninstall the other two instances.