Help needed with specific lighting automations

Help with specific lighting automations

I’m struggling to make this work correctly, and I was hoping for some ideas from the community here. Here’s my setup:

  1. Leviton decora zwave switch controlling outdoor lights on the front of the house
  2. Leviton decora zwave dimmer controlling outdoor logs on the back of the house
  3. Samsung smart things hub v2
  4. Ring stick-up cam elite in front driveway
  5. Ring pro doorbell at front door
  6. Ring stick-up cam elite on back patio

Here’s what I would like to automate for the lighting:

  1. All front and back lights on 15 minutes before sunset, and turn off at 1020pm
  2. From 1020pm - sunrise, if motion is detected by either of the 2 front cameras, turn on the front lights. Turn lights back off after 15 minutes of no motion
    1. From 1020pm - sunrise, if motion is detected by the back camera, turn on the back lights. Turn lights back off after 15 minutes of no motion
  3. At sunrise, ensure all outdoor lights are off

It seems I can’t get anything to schedule the hard schedule for #1 where they come on near sunset, then turn off at a fixed time (vs just some amount of time after sunset)

Also, then I can’t seem to schedule the automation for #2 from a fixed time to sunrise.

Any ideas?


I have something very close to what you are talking about. The only difference is that I use straight sunrise to sunset time frame. I use ring doorbell to turn from 30% to 100% when motion is detected. I think you could probably make something like this work using modes.

Mode 1. From 15 min before sunset, All lights on.
Mode 2. turns on at 1020- and set the front and back settings
Mode 3- Sunrise, goes back to home setting or whatever your default setting it.

You would make a automation stating the above to only work during that mode. It would require making three modes, and then making the automations for each.

I attempted to check Core and see if it is possible in there, but I was unable to check due to the brink building and no phone connectivity.

Does this seem to sound right?

Go to smartapps in the new app and use smart lightning.