Help needed with energy meter PHP script


I have a wonderful little energy meter from a Dutch company called Youless (www.youless.nI).

It has its own web server from which i can see the current energy consumption in Watts (updated per second) and the total meter stand.

A kind gentlemen in the OpenHab community helped me with a PHP script that reads the data from the device’s IP address and posts it to my sitemap. Here’s the script:

<?php $url = ""; $handle=fopen($url, "r"); $json=""; $json=fgets($handle, 10000); fclose($handle); $Meter= json_decode($json); $Stromverbrauchabsolut = ($Meter->cnt); $Stromverbrauchabsolut = str_replace(',','.',$Stromverbrauchabsolut); $Stromverbrauchdeta = ($Meter->pwr); $Stromverbrauchdeta = str_replace(',','.',$Stromverbrauchdeta); echo "\n"; echo 'Total:'.$Stromverbrauchabsolut; echo "\n"; echo 'Current: '.$Stromverbrauchdeta; echo "\n"; ?>

I am trying to build the same with my smartthings setup. Can anyone please help me? I have no clue whatsoever how i can do it. Unfortunately I have no coding skills.

Thanks for anyone who can help.