Help needed - Marmitek push LE button - custom code


I’m new to the community and smartthings. So if my post isn’t following guidelines or something, please let me know so i can change it in a future post.

So quick problem description:

i’ve bought a tuya/smart life based single push button - zigbee based.

It connects to the smart life app and is recognised as zigbee switch (1 button). My first problem is that i can’t for the life of me get smart life to work with smartthings as a service (linked to smartthings). It just won’t add the devices to smartthings. I also have the same problem when i try to link to google home. It just won’t show my devices that i have added in the smart life app. With the tuya app it’s the same.

So with that said, i tought. Maybe i can just add the battery powered wall switch as a device directly to smartthings. And this is where i need help of experienced community members. Smartthings does detect the device but categorizes it as a thing. Is there a way to solve this with custom coding?

And if so, how do i start with this? I never have written code for a smartthings device… Can somebody give me a head start. Which info do i need to provide.

I find in smartthings the following:

  • zigbee id: 5C0272FFFE0A694D
  • Device Network Id: 5CB2

Thanks in advance!