Help, my Alarm is active I cannot get it to disarm

(Oscar Calvo) #1

After the system upgrade, my alarm have been active and I cannot get to disarm. Please help, we are going crazy

(Patrick Stuart [@pstuart]) #2

What system upgrade? Have you tried unplugging the siren? Emailed Support?

Need a bit more details to try to help. What alarm? Just remove the siren as a device?

(Oscar Calvo) #3

I am running Alarm app from SmartLabs.
I have set it up to arm in Away mode and disarm in Night and Home mode.

For some reason the Alarm keeps arming itself, even those everyone is present and the home is in Night mode or Home mode.

(Oscar Calvo) #4

For now, I have eliminated the “Arming option” to arm in away mode.

(Oscar Calvo) #5

Ok this is getting ridiculous, the alarm keep getting arming itself.

(Patrick Stuart [@pstuart]) #6

Is this a published smartapp or community smartapp?

For now, just remove your siren device. That should solve the issue until you can work out what’s causing the problem.

(Oscar Calvo) #7

This indeed is the published app from SmartLabs

(Ron) #8

Is this based on presence sensors. None of them work. They all randomly have you leaving and returning when you are in fact at home. Especially the phone based presence sensors. I have a SmartThings Presence Sensor and that one is pretty good but I still wouldn’t trust it for an alarm, locks etc.