Help Me With Light Switches Please

Hi guys i’m new to the whole smartthings scene. My Question is i want to change my living room light with the Enerwave ZW15S but my living room light can be turned on and off from 3 places. so do i need to change all three (2 with the add on switches) or just the load light switch . Thanks

All 3 need to be replaced. One main switch and two add-ons. And a good tip learned from my experience, check for neutrals on the add-ons.

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I had this where the add on location didn’t have a neutral. This being a newer home. What’s the best way to solve that? Have an electrician run a neutral?

There will always be a wire that runs from the main switch to the add on. You should get a licensed electrician and he can use that wire to bring neutral from the main switch using this wire. The other wire automatically becomes a traveler. I had this done at my place and got it to work.


I’m curious how that is done. I can’t imagine it requires an electrician to do it.