Help me set up Smartthings Away

I have never gotten Smartthings to work since integration to the new app. In fact 2 Arlo cameras are no longer compatible… I have removed these

I have smartthings home monitor. When I am at Arm (stay) I want nothing to happen. I have therefore set up no open and close sensors, no motion sensor and no sound sensor

When I am at Armed (away) i want to activate my arlo camera, and I want all sensors to be activated. I have therefore ticked “use all open/close sensors” adn “use all motion sensors”

However, when I switch mode to Armed away I get an error message saying “armed but 1 camera is off”. This is the whole point, I want smartthings to activate the camera… any smart idea how I can get this to work?

Why not just leave the system on disarm then?

If it’s not working in Home monitor: Setup an automation….when Arm Away set Arlo cameras to Arm