Help me change which micros are controlled by a wall switch (Fibaro and Aeotec micros)

Hello, so here is my problem, i forgot something when my electrician made the circuits in the house and i’m trying to fix it using relay switches . When my physical switch is pressed, X lights turn on .
Well the problem is that when that physical switch is pressed, i want another Y lights to be turned on instead. Both lights have smart swtiches but only X lights have a physical switch
What i want is when i press the physical switch from X lights, i want x lights to remain unchanged and turn on Y lights. Hope i made it clear what i want.
Is this even possible?
The only way i’m thinking of doing this is to turn on Y lights when X lights get turned on and then immediately turn X lights off but this looks messy .
I have installed fibaro double switches and aeotec dual switches that i can play with .

The description of your setup is not entirely clear. Can you explain what you mean by this sentence?

Also, what is the make and model numbers for the smart switches you are using?

i am saying that both sets of lights X and Y are installed with smart relays but only X lights have a physical switch too, Y lights are connected directly with the relay and can only be controlled from smartthings .
As i said, i am using fibaro double switch and aeotec dual switch
I want the physical switch from X lights to control the Y lights instead .

You have a physical switch controlling the relay. That means that the physical switch will always operate that relay no matter what. To do what you want, you need to separate the physical switch from the relay just like Y setup.

From there, you can install a real Smart Switch and use rules to turn on/off which ever relay you want.

They have hard wired and battery operated SmartSwitches.

Zooz has a very affordable SmartSwitch.

What country are you in?

What is the wiring diagram where the physical switch is? And specifically what model relay is wired to that switch?

i am from romania, using UK devices,

if i remember well this is how they are made, i have more physical switches that trigger the same relay
is a fibaro double switch but i can change it anytime with aeotec dual switch if needed. (Y lights have a different relay and is not connected to the same double relay)
The only way i am thinking i am able to do this right now is adding a 3rd relay.
Basically i disconnect the lights X from the relay but keep the relay connected to the physical switch
I connect the X lights directly to electricity with a 3rd relay between them.
And now my physical switch just turns on and off its relay and based on that action i choose if i want to turn on the relay from X lights or Y lights.
If there is any better than than this i’m all ears .

ok so here is the fix i made in case someone else is having the same problem. Aeotec told me that i could have made some parameters changes in aeotec dual switch and group it with another relay, it seemed very complicated after a quick look and my electrician already hates me for how many headaches i gave him with all relays and constant changes.
so the easy fix was adding a 3rd smart relay.
What i did was:
-Disconnected the lights X from the relay making sure that the relay still makes the clicking sound when physical switch is pressed
-Installed another relay between my X lights directly with no physical switch so they could still be controlled remotely

  • Made a simple automation that when the physical switch is pressed and its “blind” relay gets turned on, it would turn on my Y lights.
    And that’s it, my physical switch now turns on some other lights that are not directly connected to it and all being local you can barely notice any delay
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