Help me ask Alexa if my car is plugged in

I can query either a URL or run a Windows script to offer a response to the question, but I no idea how to make it all work together (if it can be done).
I know that I can ask Alexa if one of my switches is on. In the case of my EV being plugged in, I have to run a script to query my wifi plug and parse the results to determine if the EV is plugged in, which I do now. The wifi plug is not ST literate (SP-1101W), but it has the high current rating (15A) and sends me daily, weekly, a monthly reports…

Here’s an idea. Create a virtual switch. Create a CoRE piston that executes an HTTP request every few minutes and sets the virtual switch to either on or off depending on the answer (can you return JSON from the HTTP request?). Then have Alexa tell you how the switch is.