Help: Integrating a Github Repository

I do not know what to do when I try integrate a repository to add a DTH and I go to “settings”, what do I insert for “Owner / Name / Branch” ?

So for example, I want to get this DTH: Fibaro Roller Shutter 2 - FGRM-222 (DTH in post 24) (UK Device)

How do Know what to put for “owner/name/branch” ?

Same thing here: [RELEASE] Fibaro Single Switch 2 FGS-213 & Double Switch 2 FGS-223

How do I know?

If you click on his GitHub link it displays his name as–
julienbachmann (owner)
Then you can see it’s in–
And the branch is–

Thanks @Steveuk23 I tried that but unfortunately there is no Repository found to be integrated :frowning:

A repository has to have a particular structure to work with SmartThings and that one doesn’t look like it has it so you may have to copy the code manually.

Have you explored

If you just want to add the DTH code, you can copy and paste. In the SmartThings IDE, click “Create New Device Handler” and then select “From Code” and paste the raw contents of the groovy file from here:

If you want to integrate GitHub with SmartThings, you need to fork the repository you are interested in.