Help installing AlarmServer on raspberry pi 3

I am new to all of that. I am a bit knowledgeable about computers, but I have no idea where to start for my project. Here is what I have:
DSC 1616 alarm system working with Envisalink 4
smarthings V2 (Not setup yet)
Raspberry Pi 3 Model B (Not used yet)

I read lots and I know I need to install alarmserver on PI3, but I have no idea how and where to start.

Is there a step by step guide for it? Any help is appreciated.


Hi Georges…did you ever find a step by step primer for installing the alarmserver on Rpi3? I’m starting that journey…

Hello Chet,

I did get my server up and running after days of working on it. I mainly
used this GitHub:

One thing that confused me was the link to authorize the server, do not use
the begining of their link, use this:

anywhere you see replace it with

Hopefully all goes well for you.


Thanks so much Geroges…

I receive my rPI tomorrow….I’ll be working on it this week so thanks again for all the help!


Georges — I’m pretty new to rPi…

Just got mine and got it running.

Do you know of any step-by-step to get the alarm server on the actual pi?

Sorry for all the questions…but thanks in advance!


Hello Chet,

I am also new to Rpi. The only link was the one I sent you. But you need to
install ubuntu mate on RPI before installing the alarm server. I followed
this youtube instructions:

Good luck


Hi Georges,

Check out this link and info. Since you’re just starting out, I thought it may help you.


Georges — I finally got it all running. No need to install Ubuntu though. It works nicely on Python.

Thanks again for your help!

HI Chet, glad to hear all worked well for you. Make sense that it works
with Python, because it is a python server.

Best Regards,

Georges Fahd

Going through the same setup.

Were you able to find a tutorial for it? Having issues installing AlarmServer. Seems like this might not be the first step?

Greetings All,

I’m in the same boat with MJLewis…I have my Raspberry Pi 3 built and running, but am lost on how to install AlarmServer on my Pi?

Thanks in advance for any help!

I get loss here too. I’m don’t know how to install AlarmServer on Raspberry Pi. Can someone provide links with step by step please?
After install python on raspberry, what should I do next ?

For those of you looking for help with the Alarm Server on a Raspberry Pi, here are some tips/tricks that I learned along the way. Just got mine up and running with Alarm Server.

Firstly, for specific Raspberry Pi instructions - take a look at the Alarmserver.Service file in the GitHub repo. All the Raspberry Pi specific instructions are in that file. (I don’t understand why the contents of that file aren’t in the Read-me). Here’s the file:

If you don’t have your RP set up yet, I’d recommend following this tutorial and at minimum setting up Remote Desktop -

Once you are into the Pi, the first thing you’ll want to do is copy all the files from the and put them in a folder, I chose to use /home/pi/alarmserver and I used the built in Pi browser to download everything.

Once you have all the files pulled down and stored in the new folder, run these commands in the terminal:
sudo apt-get install python-pip
pip install requests

Make sure you have all the configuration in the files complete per the Github instructions and then run (I’ve modified these to use the folder that I created/referenced above):
chmod ug+x /home/pi/alarmserver/*.py
sudo cp -R /home/pi/alarmserver /usr/lib

Create a hard link per the instructions:
ln /usr/lib/alarmserver/alarmserver.service /usr/lib/systemd/system/alarmserver.service

Run the following commands to enable and start the service:
sudo systemctl enable alarmserver.service
sudo systemctl start alarmserver.service

You can use the additional commands provided in the alarmserver.service file to monitor or check logs. I’d suggest using these to ensure you’re connected to the Evisilink device. I’m not exactly sure how the service stays running, but I found it runs when restarting the Pi. If you need to update the configuration folder, update your original files (mine were in /home/pi/alarmserver) and run the command sudo cp -R /home/pi/alarmserver /usr/lib to copy over the files again.

I was wondering if anyone could give me some insight into the errors I am receiving after following the alarmserver.service directions. The log shows “alarmserver.service: Failed to execute /usr/lib/alarmserver/ No such file or directory”, although the file does exist in the proper directory. Attached is a screenshot of the log.