Help! I'm 400 miles from home and can't control anything

So I’m visiting family a state over and I usually enjoy being able to control my house from far away. But my app is acting really strange and I can’t figure out why. My hub is online, but every time I try to change something to a different state it immediately goes back to the state it was on. All lights are turned on and motion sensor is showing constant motion but I have two cameras and everything is normal, nothing out of the ordinary. I set the thermostat to 79 before I left but now it’s stuck on 75. I live in FL so this is going to kill my power bill. Has anybody seen this issue before? It’s very frustrating being so far away and not being able to reboot my hub to try to fix it. I’ve never seen my things “stuck” in a certain state and not responding to commands.

Do you have any way to tell if your internet is down at home? (other apps, remote access, cameras on an independent system…anything?)

Alright, just saved me! Was able to send a reboot command through it, and now my things are working as expected, except for the motion sensor. Still showing constant motion, but the camera in that room shows nothing moving in the room. So glad that the graph.api exists for times like this.




*(as long as it’s not the car you are driving, or the kids, or a life statement)

Well…it would be just as good in this scenario if SmartThings added the Reboot Hub command to the mobile App!


I Agree! SmartThings lets get Reboot Hub added to the next release.


I wish we had an official “Feature Request” page! … @slagle?


I Agree! Again… :grinning: The community needs a way to discuss, sort, and prioritize feature requests. May be a little overwhelming to ST product managers at first, but in the long run having this would benefit them tremendously by delivering what the community wants!


Rebooting hub restored access to your zwave or zigbee thermostat?

It’s interesting that the ST motion sensors can send continuous false motion reports. I assumed it was a cloud problem, like extreme latency or ill-advised beta-testing in the production system in the case of ST. We’ve all seen multiple anecdotes of “physical device” event reports that the owners swear are not physical events.

But I do remember several reports of (non-ST), single-tech wireless PIR motion sensors in standalone security systems, also sending continuous motion false-alarms to their base panels. It shows up as “jamming” of the wireless connection and it’s sometimes mysterious to figure out that a motion sensor is causing the jamming. Point is, maybe it’s typical that PIR motion sensors have a significant rate of hardware failure, either in the IR detection stage or the transmitter stage. In addition to the application-caused false alarms like facing windows and crawling insects.

if remote monitoring is really important then a neighbor should have a key. I might not feel good about asking a neighbor to see if there is an intruder but it’s usually a false alarm anyway. Going in to set the thermostat to STAY-AWAY seems harmless enough.