HELP! I got a SmartThings ADT hub and I need to change the owner to my boyfriend

To reset I looked up I could delete the location from my phone but the app says that doing that is not allowed when I tried.

So then I found that I can unplug it and the backup battery and replug it in to reset it. Problem is I have no idea where the backup battery is.

On a side note, it only allows one phone to be paired with the device? My boyfriend and I can’t both have our own SmartThings app paired to the hub?

Any help would be greatly appreciated as there seems to be no info on this and the Samsung support site is just abysmal. Thank you!!!

Resetting a Hub and associating it with a primary login is something that only can assist you with, and they’ll be able to do a great job of it!

It’s helpful if you send them a photograph of the bottom of the Hub clearly showing its serial number.

You can invite other users from the settings menu under “manage users”

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