Help! I accidentally deleted my location

My Smart Lighting was not working (was supposed to turn on lights at sunset) and I read that the location could be set incorrectly… then I saw that somehow I had like 6 or 7 locations listed, so I started deleting and accidentally deleted the main one that was connected to my hub.

So I created a new one and re-connected it to my hub… but all of my devices (“things”), scenes, and automations are gone and everything is going haywire. How do I go about restoring my devices (I have 3x in-wall GE dimmer switches, 2x in-wall GE on/off switches, and August Smart Lock)?

Unfortunately you can’t. Have to reset everything and start over from scratch.


Oh man, bummer. I guess I’ll use this opportunity to install the last four switches I’ve had on the floor for the past two months!