HELP - Foscarini Caboche LED lamp on OSRAM Lightify

HI I need some help with choosing the right solution. I am interested in getting two Foscarini Caboche lamps on my Smartthings grid. First of all the lamps come in two LED versions . Just LED (link) and the other one is LED dimmerble. The dimmerble version is with a DALI “Digital Addressable Lighting Interface” but i dont think the DALI in this case in WIFI enabled. Would the best option be to getting the LED and perhaps exchange the blob with a dimmerble one and then get and install a dimmerble OSRAM Lightify controller in the socket?

My smartthings gate is a Nvidia Shield with a Samsung Shield link. Looking at the pro OSRAM Lightify installation video they also use a zigbee gateway but I thought the smartthings link toke care of that? - please google OSRAM LIGHTIFY Pro PBC or DSE as I can only add two links in my post :-1:

Also would I have to get my electrician to install a OSRAM PBC or would I need the DALI version OSRAM DSE ?

could some one tell me if the Nvidia shield and smartthings shield link allows me to skip the Lightify gateway (Link) and control the light using only the shield link and either the Lightify DSE or PBC ??