Help finding icons

I am trying to use this icon from my github

using the url “

Is this correct ? it doesn’t seem to work

valueTile("temperatureName", "device.temperatureName", inactiveLabel: false, decoration: "flat") {
	state "temperatureName", label:'${currentValue}', unit:"", icon: ""

If I want to change the icon for a device, I’ll need to create a new device type for it and code in the icon? I have several Quirky contact sensors, but some are on doors and some are on windows… it’d be nice to have icons to represent which is which.

Where is there a list of the ST icons that aren’t on the above website? Like thermostat, alarm, etc.?

I am trying to find the same thing as @Cm119… this site is great, especially since it links directly to the icons available from the API, but there seems to be a handful of categories missing (, st.doors, st.alarm, etc). Anyway to see a listing of those?

Thanks for the site though, its certainly a great resource!

Hi @rcoodey, the link in first post use to have tons of icons, and I have no idea why ST stopped listing them all. It is frustrating.

Hey guys, I didn’t realize it was broken. I’ll try to get it fixed sometime in the next couple days.


It’s working again. Sorry for the delay

Still not complete. Examples of icons I know are missing. Who knows what else is available.

Also it has icons listed that are broken
st.Bath.bath for example. I would list more but you can just look at the page. You did look at the page when you fixed it…right ?

Also the format of this page is not very helpful. A better format would be to list the icon and the name. This way you can cut/paste the name. Having the tooltip for the name is annoying because you can’t cut/paste from a tool tip. I usually just view page source but it would be really helpful if this page just listed ALL the icons and also listed their names in a simple table.

Hi @Dianoga,

I’m not seeing icons for vents, thermostats, valves, and a whole bunch more other icons that use to be there.

The page is listing all the icons returned from the API call it has always used. It looks like the extra icons may have been moved or hidden for some reason.

As far as page format goes, I’ve been meaning to update this page for a while, but haven’t had sufficient time and/or motivation to do so. I built this prior to working for ST and it runs on my own separate server.

Please make it better. Just trying to provide Motivation :slight_smile: can’t really do anything to help you acquire time

I’ve improved the layout of the page. I’m still working on it, but it should be easier to get the information you need quickly.

The icons that were missing are still missing (and will remain missing until there is a new API call I can use to get them back).

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@Dianoga Thanks, it looks great !

This is my favorite

Makes me feel skinny.

So obviously this is my least favorite


I wish I could find the mythical UK plug outlet icon that is on the page :slight_smile:

The following posts have some additional icons that aren’t on the other lists:

Part 1
Part 2

That’s great, thanks a lot Kevin!

Sounds like SmartThings is currently working on adding more icons too, looking forward to those as well.

Should all icons come in multiple sizes ?

For example What’s up with this icon.



What’s this about ???

@david.mccrindle has better information on this than I do. I think 3x is still a pretty new development.

I have absolutely no idea what that last picture is. I’m going to go with tiny family having tiny dinner in a strange shaped house that can be picked up and carried for convenience.

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st.thermostat.heating-cooling-off stopped appearing.
What is going on?