Help choosing an outdoor Pan & Tilt HD Camera & a Wide Angle Camera that I can connect to ST

I’m wanting to buy a Pan & Tilt HD outdoor camera for remote viewing. I’m using this camera mainly to keep a watch on my dogs while I’m at work.
So keeping a recording and the security part of the camera is not really a feature I’m needing.

That being said, I would like to know what are some good reasonable priced outdoor camera.
Top Features I need:

Night vision

I’m also needing a camera for my front door that is wide angle. I want it to be wide angle so I can see the whole front yard plus who is at the front door.

What would you guys suggest?

I found the DLink cameras to be the most reasonably priced and fairly reliable for viewing. And its nice that they have easy ST integration if you get one of the listed models.

In all honesty, don’t bother with looking for something that has to connect to ST. You will only limited what you can actually use. Look for something that fits all of your other needs. Plenty of options.

That is an excellent point. Unless you were looking to tie in motion sensing capabilites with something else. I have 2 outdoor cameras/light fixtures devices and no real need to integrate with ST.