Help! Cannot get DLNA player to work

I have purchased the iReceiver WiFi Music receiver
and connected it using MediaRenderer (Connect). I have proceeded to try to make use of it with several different apps (Big Talker, Media Renderer Events, Mode Change and Notify With Sound) but cannot get it to work.

All I get is some slight clicking in the speaker (as if I plugged/unplugged in an aux cable) and then, at some random other time, either a dog barking or piano playing. These are not the sounds I have chose, nor are they playing immediately after a trigger.

What am I doing wrong? Clearly the speaker is connecting, as there is sound coming out of it.

I am new here, so be kind.

And, followed all the steps here when connecting the player;

What type of trigger are you using?
Are you able to go into your SmartApp list and click on the play icon to force it to play? I use the Speaker Notify with Sound and this is available

Brian, I am using both Mode change and Contact Sensor opening. I have also clicked the play icon in the SmartApp list.

I will try Speaker Notify with Sound out.

I installed Speaker Notify with Sound and still nothing.

Does this all work without using SmartThings?
In other words, is it working as a DLNA device on your home network for something like your smartphone?

I have 4 different DLNA/Airplay receivers. (Lario, Veetop, AirMusic, iReceiver). All 4 work for Airplay and DLNA and are found by Smartthings using MediaRender Connect. I only got Lario, Veetop, AirMusic to play TTS messages though. The iReceiver never worked. I think there may be some compatibility issue.