Help after searching the forums. Google Home -> IFTTT -> Simulated Switch -> Multiple Lights

Sorry if this has been answered hundreds of times before, I tried to follow any guide I could find.
I already set up everything but missing one key step.

How do I assign multiple lights to a virtual(simulated) switch ?

Like many functions in SmartThings,there are Several different ways of varying complexity.

See the how to article in the community created wiki:

Thank you, I think that did it,
I will have to test the actual IFTTT recipe with google home once I get off work :slight_smile:

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It’s simpler than this. Try Smart Lighting or CoRE.

GH can trigger the virtual switch (no need for slowing things down with IFTTT).

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Awesome thank you, will do.
I’ve been meaning to install CoRE for some time, but haven’t really got down to it

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The smartapp “Trend Setter” is also great for this.

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If your using a Google home, you put all the lights into a room in the Google Home and the Google Home will control all the lights without the virtual switch. My living room, kitchen and bedroom are setup that way. You have to use the Google Home to control all the lights as one though.

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The issue with that is Google home only allows them to be in one room so that you can’t have the bedroom lights in both the bedroom plus the upstairs room.

Trendsetter creates a virtual switch which you can then put in a second room allowing greater control.

Thank you for all your helpful information.
Apparently GH does support that natively, I am able to say “turn on/off name of light” or turn all lights on/off.
I was unable, however, to say " turn on/off light in name of room .
Furthermore, I can find the trendsetter smart app anywhere…

Do you have several lights that are named the same thing? Just curious. If you can turn on/off individual lights, than you wouldn’t have to tell goggle home which room the lights are in. We have pretty much quit using the app and even the minimotes with the addition of the Google Home. Maybe you can use the nickname feature in goggle home?

I’ll have to look at your app. I hadn’t tried adding the same light to multiple rooms in Google but see it does have the same limitation as smartthings. Seems like a poor design. I wonder why this limitation exists? I have had my system up for a couple years now and have been using an app called Dim With Me for the lights I wanted to group. It think it has been deprecated for awhile now.

Usually the fastest way to find a specific community – created app is to use the quick browse lists in the community wiki. :sunglasses:

There are three sets of lists, for smartapps, device type handlers, and project reports.

In this case look in the smart app section, choose the list for lighting, and you should find it there.

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Not my app, I just recommend it! :slight_smile:

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I was thinking that you wrote the app. I guess old age is really starting to set in.

I’ve just installed Trend Setter, the process of creating a switch/group for my lights was really simple.
Now I need to try and control that with GH, will report back after work.


So, an update.
the Trend Setter virtual switch worked wonderfully with GH.
"turn on/off name of switch"
the entire process from start to finish was really easy, and may i even say fun.

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That’s great news. I’m glad it worked well for you and thanks for letting us know.