Help adding Smart Blind into ST

@RebelMagpie Here’s a photo of what it says in the IDE. I’m not sure why it says thing as the type.

It’s getting a bit beyond my knowledge :thinking:

Have you tried deleting the Thing device and re-pairing the blind now that you have the Tuya driver installed?

@RebelMagpie No worries, i don’t blame you haha. I’m just as confused as you are. This is the first time i’ve had an issue like this. I contacted zemismart about this and they told me i needed a tuya hub in order to connect this, which confuses me even more. I have tried deleting the device and repairing it. The same issue occurs. I guess i will just have to live with the remote controls for now until i figure out how to get this paired correctly in the app. Thank you again for trying to help me out! It’s definitely a headscratcher for sure!

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@RebelMagpie It seems to me that this device has it’s own hub which has its own bridge integration to SmartThings, but i could be wrong. Philips Hue bulbs connected to a Philips Hue bridge is an example of this kind of integration. Again this is just my guess, could be totally off. I’m also not sure because the product page that i bought it from says that a tuya hub is required in the description.

That’s a shame. I have a (limited) number of Tuya and rebranded Tuya devices, that all say they need a Tuya hub to work. I don’t own a Tuya hub and I have paired them all successfully to SmartThings.

I guess it’s possible that Zemismart has crippled yours in some way, but it appears identical to my Nue-branded one.

There are other threads on here discussing Zemismart blinds. Perhaps there are some clues there.

Good luck with it. If you get it connected let me know :pray:

@RebelMagpie Yea i know, I’m not too sure either. I did have like 2 “zigbee thing” drivers installed at first, which might have been what caused it. Tbh idek why i had them installed in the first place, but i uninstalled them and unenrolled both channels and removed/re-paired the device, but still got nothing… it’s a weird situation…, but anywho, thank you again for all your help man! God bless you :pray: ill let you know if i figure it out. :+1:

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