Hello home Phrase to shut down things

Hoping someone can help me figure out an answer for this. Tomorrow I have an electrician coming to the house to do some work installing new recessed lighting. As he travels throughout the house he will be setting off many sensors, opening doors repeatedly (many notifications), and cutting off the power. As I am typically the only one in my house, I don’t trigger a lot of activity. However with somebody running around the house, it’s going to drive everything crazy.
My thought was to make a hello Home phrase (called hush and activated while he’s there) and just not connect anything to it. My thinking is that will keep everything from being triggered while he’s running around. Can you tell me if I’m on the right path or if I’m missing something? Thank you in advance for your assistance

Any reason you can’t just unplug the hub while he’s there?

As far as your Hush mode idea, it won’t work if you have things that run in “all modes” or don’t check modes at all.

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I thought about it. However that has cause more problems. still trying to get my Sonos to work from my last reboot…

Oh yea, did not think about the all modes… darn!!!

Then you’ll just have to check each potential trigger to see what modes it reacts to. If it’s “only run in these modes,” Hush will work. If it’s “don’t run in these modes,” you’ll have to add Hush. If it’s All Modes, you’ll have to make the appropriate changes.

@JDRoberts thank you for your help. Most of my things are “only run in this mode”. So I may be abel to catch 90 % of the house. I am lucky, I only have 25 things connected :smile:

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Just create a new “Off” mode. A Hello, Home phrase can be used to auto-switch to this new mode. I have a Mode setup just for guests. I have a guest pin code for my door locks. When that code is used I use the smartapp “User Lock Manager” to run a Hello, Home phrase that changes to the guest mode.


@dawz2 that is a great idea, thank you . I could very easily do the same thing because I also have LockCode manager. Thank you very much for the suggestion. I really appreciate it

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All of my sms/notifications only trigger in night or away modes. I made a “quiet construction” mode that was enabled when the workmen used their lock code to unlock the door and no one else was home, when I was having a lot of work done. Cut down on the alerts :smile:

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