Hello, Home Phrase Not Appearing In List

I inadvertently deleted my Good Night! action from Hello, Home. So I tried to reinstall it, but now the name won’t show up in the list of phrases. When I select “Change mode and more” I see a four line list, the first of which is blank, the last three occupied. When I select the blank line, it does set the correct mode however.

Any thoughts?

This happened to me when I set up a new action recently. I don’t have a solution to offer though…I just felt annoyed with it for about 3 days, then it magically appeared finally. I did various hub restarts during that time, so I can’t tie it to any specific one, but who knows, they may have helped.

I’ve seen this behavior, too, but instead of it not showing it, it displays as “null.” Like @vienta, it magically appears by itself or when I add an additional phrase.

Same here. When I create a new action, it does not appear of its own till I create a new one or go to Add action and then back out. It started happening to me since this mid morning.