Hello, Home Phrase Director - Control modes (through hello home phrases) based on occupancy and "sun state"

Totally not digging on you… I love your app. Just wish ST would get their poop in a group.

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Thanks dude:). Was just posting it again is all.

I was being lazy;) lol

If you are on the unoffical version just go to my github and copy the new code. Fixed it there :slight_smile:

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So this issue goes beyond my app eh?

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Oh yeah. I’m in a bit of a paradox at the moment: somehow the app is there, but the code isn’t accessible in the API. I try to delete the app, but it errors out. I can’t remove the presence device because it’s in use by the app, and if I can’t delete the app…

Head = asplode.

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Can you open the mobile app, go to the Things screen, find the presence indicator, click on the tiny gear to open its preference screen, click on the SmartApps tile, and uninstall the app from the device that way?

Or is it handled differently because of some custom code?

Yeah, I’ve tried it all. No such luck.

Official app should be fixed now :smile:


I’m still unable to remove one of my official instances through the app or the IDE. Must be taking awhile for the changes to propagate.

May have to reach out to support on that one.

Yeah, for some reason it has been crickets over there lately. Have had a ticket open since Thursday…

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I honestly don’t know if ST updated the official app. I installed another instance to test and the same uninstall issue persists. ST support has been massively unresponsive.

It worked for me :frowning:

Ha. Bummer for me. The issue had to do with not being able to unsubscribe from the sun state, correct? Maybe something in my account is just hosed.

No, it had to do with the uninstall command being called twice essentially.

Got it. Cool. The github code works perfect for me, so there must be some sort of backend cache running to old official code in my account still for those app instances… I just wish ST was more responsive / transparent.

Finally! Able to delete. Official code update must have made it through whatever caches are in place. Out.


Alright. Just worked with Chris at support, and he totally took care of my issue. In the process, I stumbled upon the fix:

  1. On the phone, open the app
  2. Select presence devices
  3. Deselect the device you want to go away
  4. Hit Okay
  5. DO NOT hit “done”. Go to the bottom, and uninstall.

Blammo. Much love to ST support tonight. Big ups.

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How did you manage to use SmartThings to turn your PC on? Wake-On-Lan? Outlet? I’ve been researching how to implement this into my automation for months now.

Thanks in advance,


My custom built machine has a bios option from ASUS that allows the PC to be turned on if it gets power. So when I am done for the day I shut down and turn off the switch. When the switch returns power to the machine the machine starts the boot process.

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