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Hello, Home HomeKit (and Siri!) control via homebridge


(Jg506) #703

Dockerfile anyone for @tonesto7 version? Something like this:
or this:

(Anthony S.) #704

I’ve added a bunch of enhancements. It’s very stable as well


This is awesome - the original version is a little buggy and long in the tooth.

Question - are there any specific instructions required for this to work on a Raspberry Pi? I recall when I set up the old branch ages ago there were some considerations, but your repo doesn’t include instructions for anything like that.

(Anthony S.) #706

I recommend doing the basic homebridge install:

Use this to manage/configure your homebridge plugins:

(Barry) #707

Follow the Homebridge installation info here:

This includes a link to the pi-specific stuff here:

All in all, pretty straight-forward…

(Jg506) #708

Cool thanks! I’ll start at later today and will report back here.

quick question: I’m currently on the previous smartapp on the first version that came when ST forced us to switch to local. Do you think my config params will transfer as is?


Awesome, guys - thanks! Looking forward to seeing what this adds.

(Jg506) #710

It adds speed and convenience for the setup, isolation from other services. It’s basically a micro services architecture at home. I use it on qnap container station, not on pi


Oh, I didn’t mean containerization. The value of that is obvious! I meant the new branch of the SmartApp over the old one I’m running now, in a more general sense.

(Barry) #712

FWIW, the homebridge runs very well behaved even without containers on my “home services” pi 3B+, which provides time services (ntpsec), dns service (unbound), and homebridge (smartthings, purpleAir) gateways for my home network. Just note that there is a limit to the number of “appliances” that a single bridge can support for homekit (100 max, I think). If you need more, you may need multiple instances, which then makes for a good reason to use Containers…

(Chris) #713

@tonesto7 I’m having an issue with virtual temp sensor device type in both your plugin and previously in pdlove’s intermittently reading as 32 degrees in HomeKit, even though they show the correct temp in ST. This is the device handler I am using:

The use case is that I use multiple temp sensors, and then have webCoRE write an average for a “room” temp sensor which is the virtual device.

Any idea why this device handler isn’t playing well with HomeKit, or perhaps it is an issue with temp or humidity sensors in the plugin?

I can see ST sending the correct temps to the Json API, and I can also see in the Homebridge log the correct temp being received…

(Mike) #714

@tonesto7 I’ve recently installed the smart app but when I go to select devices and hit save, none of them stay saved. Oddly enough if I go to the device itself, it shows the smart app there. Also, when I go to locations in IDE, and look under smartapps, a new instance of the Homebridge app shows after I hit save when I try to add devices. In the end, HomeKit can’t see anything… ideas? Thanks!

(Anthony S.) #715

Have the IDE logs running in the browser while you attempt again… See if it gives any errors

(Mike) #716

@tonesto7 This is what gets logged when I try one light:

[82b93016-78c9-4c6c-8362-xxx] 4:29:03 PM: trace updateServicePrefs: null:null
[82b93016-78c9-4c6c-8362-xxx] 4:28:58 PM: debug Registered (1 Devices)
[82b93016-78c9-4c6c-8362-xxx] 4:28:58 PM: debug Registering (1) Lights

(Mike) #717

These are more lines but nothing of note, just a bunch of registering (0)
I started the smart app from scratch too FYI, just in case

(Anthony S.) #718

You did enable oauth right?

(Mike) #719

I did enable oauth

(Anthony S.) #720

Something had to of been missed was the config added to the Homebridge service and the note package installed

(Mike) #721

Looks like the config file was messed up, thanks for the help! Had a bracket out of place…

(Mike) #722

@tonesto7 spoke too soon, went to add more stuff and everything was missing in the smart app, still had the stuff from the first round in Homekit but I can’t add anymore