Hello, Home HomeKit (and Siri!) control via homebridge

Can you run the LutronPro server and the Homebridge server on the same Raspberry Pi at the same time? I was thinking of playing around with homebridge, but not if its going to break my Lutron server…thanks if anyone knows the answer to this.

I am hoping someone could give me some help getting my homebridge to work.

So I’m running it and I see that smartthings plugin is working to a degree as far as the logs show

From the console

When I scan or use the PIN no accessory can be found, also /.homebridge/accessories folder is empty, does this folder need to be populated for anything to even work?

Here is my current config.json

    "bridge": {
        "name": "Homebridge",
        "username": "CC:44:3E:E3:CE:15",
        "port": 51826,
        "pin": "222-00-777"
    "description": "kitsune was here.",

    "accessories": [ ],

    "platforms": [
            "platform": "SmartThings",
            "name": "SmartThings",
            "app_url": "https://graph-na04-useast2.api.smartthings.com:443/api/smartapps/installations/",
            "app_id": "36f44756-4f34-4a29-aa32-xxx",
            "access_token": "a5bf2f7c-9135-48b9-ae2c-xxx",
            "polling_seconds": 3600,
            "update_method": "direct",
            "direct_ip": "",
            "direct_port": 8883

No errors when I start homebridge at all. So nothing to give me a sense of what I’m suppose to do to have the QR code work / add an accessory.

Is your IP address correct?

Yes that’s my WiFi/Main (internet) interface. And when i open the address it page states “OK”

And like I said the smartthings plugin connects fine because i see status updates like if a light is on or temp. changes. I see no mention in the plugin code about any static IP it would look for so i dont think it is the problem.

I have a file in my accessories folder but I look at the file with a text editor, there is nothing in the file.
In the past when if had problems I renamed or deleted the persist directory in these directories /pi/.homebridge “and/or” /var/homebridge/
Here is my config.json if it helps,
“bridge”: {
“name”: “Homebridge”,
“username”: “D3:00:00:00:00:00”,
“port”: 51826,
“pin”: “031-45-xxx”
“description”: “JSON API”,
“platforms”: [{
“platform”: “SmartThings”,
“name”: “SmartThings”,
“app_url”: “https://graph-na02-useast1.api.smartthings.com:443/api/smartapps/installations/”,
“app_id”: “xxxx58dc-7bfa-4733-8bc2-e4aa4fa7xxxx”,
“access_token”: “xxxx7cdb-3217-4346-9247-361200fexxxx”,
“polling_seconds”: 3600,
“update_method”: “direct”

I’m not sure how many of you know who I am but I meant to share this with the community…

I’ve ported over and heavily modified the Homebridge (HomeKit) plugin/smartapp made by @pdlovelace.

Screen Shots

New Features

  • Added Alarm support for Hubitat Safety Monitor

  • Added inputs to define device types in HomeKit for the following:

    • Lights
    • Fans
    • Speakers (Not Supported in Home App) - Apple has really didn’t add much to this except mute and volume control
    • Window Shades (Currently works with the Generic Z-wave Drive)
    • Native HomeKit Irrigation Support (Rachio Only at the moment)
  • You can have Devices created for selected modes in HomeKit that will trigger modes. (They are On when the linked mode is active)

  • Added the ability to restrict HomeKit from creating temp devices for Contacts and Water Sensors

  • I’ve added support for pretty much every characteristic HomeKit supports that aligns with SmartThings capabilities

The Code and Instructions


Awesome! Hope to test it out soon. Btw anyone on iOS 12 beta?

I have been running it since Monday and it’s running amazing. My iPhone X feels so much faster!

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I’m using @tonesto7 version of the plugin

does the /.homebridge/accessories/ folder populate after i setup the smartapp inside the ST app on my phone? I do see them in the homebridge log/terminal window.

[2018-6-7 06:11:49] [SmartThings] Change Event: (Xiaomi Aqara Temp Sensor) [LASTCHECKINDATE] is 1528351909000
[2018-6-7 06:11:49] [SmartThings] Change Event: (Xiaomi Aqara Temp Sensor) [TEMPERATURE] is 79.5
[2018-6-7 06:45:19] [SmartThings] Change Event: (KITCHEN) [SWITCH] is on

Or only after I’v managed to add it to the Home app (which I’m failing to do right now)?

Try restarting the homebridge service

Hi @tonesto7, turns out it was my other network messing with homebridge!

I’m failing to find how to configure homebridge (not the plugin) to use a specific network interface or assign it an static IP. I can’t find it online either, anyone know?

I am also running the iOS 12 beta, and homebridge has been working flawlessly.

So I have monitored this thread for years but never felt the urge to use it until now because I have a device on HomeBridge that doesn’t have an open API and doesn’t have a ST device. This is the now infamous Lennox iComfort. They have a closed API which is silly because I know an API exists given their Alexa and now Homekit integration. Anyway, before proceeding, can someone confirm that I can use Homebridge to control devices on HomeKit from my ST app? I know it works the other way around, but that’s not what I want.

Thank you so much for this updated plugin and app. Just redid my homebridge with your updates and it’s great! Love that it adds the manufacturer and had the ability to hide the temp, etc from motion and door sensors.

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Thanks for the update on this @tonesto7!

I have been having issues with the homebridge-nest plugin, and I am considering setting up NST Manager, and trying this smartthings plugin instead. Does anyone know if Homekit will recognize/work properly with my nest thermostat using this method? I assume so but I wanted to check…

Awesome work…!

I have been using the @pdlovelace version for quite some time now and it has been rock solid for over a year now. My only problem is that remote control of Smartthings devices through Homekit does not work. It does work for my Wemo Mini Plug and my Apple TVs. Only devices connected through Homebridge show “unavailable” whileI am not on the same Wifi network.

Does the remote access feature work with your version?

Thank you!

Yes, It works… Please see my post above (and the following posts) for instructions:

The virtual mode switches don’t appear to work for me…so if I set SmartThings to Goodnight the virtual goodnight switch in homebridge would turn on.
However, if I hit the good night switch in the home app…nothing happens.

Any idea why?
Would love to sell Siri goodnight and run the routine.

I haven’t had a chance to test this feature out recently.
I will take a look at it today if I have a chance

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Thanks - please let me know if you need any additional info