Hello, Home HomeKit (and Siri!) control via homebridge

Are you using the android app?

I’m using the IOS App

Reinstalling the app: No dice.

OK… I just tried. It does not seem to matter if you use the New or Classic App to Install the Homebridge Smartapp.

Again to confirm - you are using the config data from the app ? “View Config Data for Homebridge” on the bottom of the configuration page of the Smartapp.


May try with the new app…

Funny thing, is I show 1 SmartApp in the Old ST App. I Show 6 in the New ST App.
Settings are saved in the New ST App.

6 saves in the old app since I started fresh again. Only 1 showing in the old app.

I suggest you use this method to check that there are no leftover installations before you try a clean install:

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I did a copy/paste from the New ST App to the config.json, and restarted the Docker image. Boom.

The only thing I did different, was I named the SmartApp something different… Before I left the default.

Thanks for the help BTW.


Looking forward to testing out v2. I had to rebuild my Pi, so holding out on reinstalling until the new version is out. Let us know when you are ready to public beta!

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Same here - I still have a quite old version of both HomeBridge and the SmartApp (like, still the PDlove version) and have been holding off upgrading because it’s good enough for now. Looking forward to the new hotness :slight_smile:

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I’m looking forward to getting it out there!
I’m just trying to track down a pesky bug with the device state getting out of sync in the Home App other than that this thing runs amazing.
I’ve had a lot of fun rewriting this thing :slight_smile: I finally understand how the plugins work.

It’s been built in a way where I can quickly port it over to the new cloud API once they iron out the strict guardrails crap.


So I think I have the new plugin ready for release. The issue is that I have to wait 24 before I can publish it to NPM (I made a mistake and had to unpublish which imposes are 24 hour delay before I can again)

For anyone looking to try out the new version you will need to install the plugin manually:
FWIW: You can run both the old and new plugin side by side, but your old instance cannot be updated

git clone https://github.com/tonesto7/homebridge-smartthings-v2
cd homebridge-smartthings-v2
npm i
npm i -g

then make sure to configure the config.json file and update the smartapp.


Very excited for the new version…

What is the local_commands Optional | Default: false option in the read me?

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It allow you to send commands via the hub instead of through the cloud. (It’s hit or miss sometimes on whether or not it works well) Sometimes it’s best to turn it off.

I really need to rework it to see if I can get it working better.


I know this is deprecated but is there anyone else who is unable to run routines through the home app? I click on it but no change is made to ST. I plan to upgrade to the newer version as soon as I get the chance.

Great timing, as I just abandoned my Windows server install and “splurged” for a Pi Zero to run Homebridge. Working great so far and I took advantage of your changes and updated everything.

Does anyone else power it off the UBS port on the back of the ST v3 Hub?

Any reason to NOT do this?

I just upgraded my long-neglected Homebridge install to V2.0 and it is brilliant. Straightforward install, easy to add accessories and plugins, and so far dead stable for 4d uptime, despite my doing things like adding a MyQ plugin. Well done on this one!

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If you don’t have a UPS already, buy one of the APC models that have a USB power port. Plug your SmartThings hub and your network stack on the UPS , and the Zero W into the USB port.