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Hello, Home HomeKit (and Siri!) control via homebridge

I fixed my problem and it’s working now :smile:

I had to edit the Smartthings.js file to take account of the EU server too.

Go into the Nest app, click the Gear to get to settings, click “Where” and change the label to “Nest”. It changed for me when I did that. When it’s empty, it seems to use the serial number as the naming convention or something…

Will a Thermostat work with Homebridge via Smartthings?
I’ve got the homebridge/smartthings working, and am absolutely thrilled to be able to turn on/off lights via Siri.
But I’ve been unable to figure out how to get my Thermostat available via Homebridge.
I have a Radio Thermostat and have that installed via a smartthings device from and it shows up as a Smartthings device and I can control it from the ST app.

However, it does not show up via the homebridge/smartthings plugin.

I guess, my questions are: Does the smartthings plugin support thermostats? If not, is that something that can be added? Is that the right way to go about this, is there some other option?

Any tips would be appreciated.
Again, love homebridge and the pluggins.

I know I’m no coding genius but I can’t even get the prerequisites installed on my Pi, let alone get Homebridge running. Node.js, per the wiki instructions, won’t resolve and I can’t get it installed. I’m partly frustrated at my lack of ability and partly frustrated at the directions that assume a certain level of capability which isn’t always present. I want this to work but I’m running out of hours in the day to screw around with it.

Hello Everyone. I am new to the community. I am trying to get this working (Homebridge) and no luck. I’m trying to install in Ubuntu 15.4 but there must be something I’m missing. Does anyone have this working on Ubuntu? If so, can you please spell out the steps needed to make it happen.

Hello. I am new to the community. I am trying to get this working (Homebridge) and no luck. I’m trying to install in Ubuntu 15.4 but there must be something I’m missing. Does anyone have this working on Ubuntu? If so, can you please spell out the steps needed to make it happen.

Pulling my hair out!!! Homebridge stopped working the other day and I just tried to fix it today. I checked my Raspberry Pi and homebridge is running fine. If finds my device and loads all my switches. Confirms its running on port 51826.

Within iDevice or any other homekit app, it says it can’t detect anything. I have uninstalled JSON.API from the IDE and reinstalled it, selected just one switch, updated the config file and ran it again with no luck. The Pi still shows it as working though (running on the correct port).

I deleted the apps on my iPhone and reinstalled them thinking it may fix the problem… still nothing.

Any ideas as to why homekit doesn’t detect the homebridge?

I did update to the latest iOS… would that have broken the link?

Philips has recently updated the firmware for the actual hue bridge (both generations) and is releasing a new API next week. Among other changes, only Hue-certified devices will be allowed to join the bridge. This may affect the simulator as well. More information in the hue developers forums.

After spending two days getting Homebridge to work in my UK system, by following a large number of guides and pages, I decided to pull everything together into one hopefully useful guide. This builds on the fabulous work done by jnewland and others. It’s my first guide of this sort, so please let me know if there are any errors or omissions and I’ll get them corrected.

Siri and Homebridge guide on

I also put together a festive video showing how end results. It’s really aimed at getting more people inspired to get into HA and give it a go.

Video on YouTube

I hope this is of use to the UK guys here that might be struggling to get this going.



See if the guide I wrote will help:

Guide to Siri and Homebridge on Automated Home

It’s heavily based on the existing guides people have written here but hopefully all brought together in one place.

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Mine had issues working since the ST hub went offline the other day. Since then it would not work at all before but I am getting things to work here and there but have not tested everything yet.

I’ve had mine running on OS X 10.11.1 with a launchd script that auto starts on boot and crashes. It’s been up and running for over a week without problems so far. Fingers crossed :smile:

I ended up deleting the bridge connection within the iDevices app, deleting the app on my iPhone, rebooting my router, rebooting my iPhone, rebooting the Pi and reinstalling iDevices on the iPhone. I then reconnected to homebridge within iDevices and everything started working again. Perhaps the latest update to Smartthings corrupted my connection as it had been rock solid up until this last week.

See my post 164 above. Using a virtual switch together with a mode change or the rule app you I can set my thermostat to a predefined temperature. I am not aware of anyone who created functionality to set the actual temperature at this time…

The API plugin gives you the accessories (eg sockets and switches) the HelloHome plugin gives you your scenes (Or Hello,Home as I believe SmartThings refer to it) things like Good Night, Good Morning etc.

I got both working tonight, the problem is that the HelloHome adds all the scenes as if they are bulbs rather than switches. So when I tell Siri to “turn all the lights off” it now starts triggering Good Night and Good Morning which causes issues as you can imagine. So i’ve turned that off for now as I can use Homekit scenes to create the same sort of stuff and tell Siri to do it.

I love you man, I really do.


Thank you so much for the detailed guide.

Will try it out first thing tomorrow.

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I clearly have an issue somewhere. Using your specific directions, I can’t get node.js to download. I keep getting 404 not found. I’m done with this for a while. I don’t have the patience. It’s too bad, too. With Ubi on the decline and Echo running too much, this would’ve been a great, cheap solution. I just don’t have the time to screw around with it.

Thanks for putting that guide together-once I have a working Pi that will download and install files I might try it again.

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I did something similar with Harmony Home Hub. I found that even though Homebridge supports the Hub directly, stability suffered. Now I am using the Virtual Switches created by Harmony integration with the ST. Now when I say “Turn On Apple TV”, the TV, receiver and Apple TV turn on…

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Thanks, I got that to work, and the Rules Machine is a way cool.

But still would love for thermostats to work as a proper device, so I could for example say “Set the House to 69 degrees”.

I hacked the JSON Smartapp, and it appears that it’s pretty trivial to get that piece working.
I’m guessing the real issue is in the homebridge-smartthings npm. Anyone working on getting that working to support more deices?