Hello, Home HomeKit (and Siri!) control via homebridge

Pardon my ignorance on this, but what does SmartThingsHelloHome do that the JSON API does not?

I am by no means an expert, but I believe that it is supposed to allow you expose your routines to homebridge, whereas the JSON api only does the switches and lights.

Many many many thanks, I was heavily considering switching to Insteon to get support for homekit. This will keep me on Smartthings for some time more…

Being able to say “Hey Siri, turn off my bedroom lights” when I’m in bed and going to sleep is a huge win!

Thanks, I figured that was the case. I personally don’t do any manual mode changes with either Siri or Echo, so I never added it.[quote=“allen00se, post:156, topic:16701, full:true”]
I am by no means an expert, but I believe that it is supposed to allow you expose your routines to homebridge, whereas the JSON api only does the switches and lights.

Ya, I havent much either… however I want to control my garage door from siri and currently only switches and lights are allowed. So I plan to use a routine that calls my virtual garage door smartapp. Will see how it goes if I can ever get HelloHomeBridge to work.

You can define “scenes” in Homekit what are equivalent to routines in smartthings. If you combine this with a virtual switch and the “Rule Machine” smart app, you can even do mode changes.

I need some help here. I have read through this entire thread and am pretty sure I have everything setup right after a few issues. Starting Homebridge on my PI sees the .json file and seems to connect to SmartThings and list my devices. I downloaded Eve on my phone and no matter what I do I still get the same error. I load the App and it asks me to give my home a unique name and when I click next I always get “iCloud Data Sync is currently in progress. Please try again later”.
I have tried resetting the homebridge configuration, toggling Keychain off and on and signing in and out of iCloud.

I feel like I am so close but just need a little help.


@pizzinini yes, I am familiar with the scenes… but as far as I know that still wont allow me to put a garage door into homekit. As of right now I think all that is allowed through homebridge is switches and lights. The only way I could think of to make it work would be to make a virtual switch that triggers my garage door and put the virtual switch into homebridge/homekit. However I would really just prefer to get HelloHomeBridge to work as that would expose all of my routines.

@swindmiller, that sounds like an iphone issue and not homebridge. Have you tried restarting your phone?

Thanks for responding and yes I have several times but maybe I will try my iPad too just to eliminate anything else being wrong on the Pi side.

@swindmiller I would also consider trying a different app. I use the insteon app and it works great for me.

Thanks, I have tried Eve and iDevice. I will try the Insteaon app when I get home, thanks!

Have you been able to get HelloHomeBridge to control your routines? I tried the virtual switch and rules machine last night with a little luck… not exactly what I was looking for. I found that Siri had a hard time executing the command based on what I called the virtual switch.

I would prefer to get HelloHomeBridge working with JSON API, but i can’t seem to get the two to work together.

Sorry I was not 100% clear: I created a Homekit scene in the Eve iPhone app (I am actually using the iDevice app). The scene only turns on the virtual switch (virtual on/off button tile device type). I use the Rule smartapp (see link above) triggered by the virtual switch to run a routine, change mode, set my thermostat and turn the virtual switch back off. I also tried a virtual momentary contact switch but that did not work.

By using a Homekit scene (e.g. “I am coming home”) I don’t have to call the switch (“Virtual coming home switch”) but the name of the scene. I can say “Hey Siri, I am coming home” instead of “Hey Siri, turn on the virtual coming home switch” and seams to be more reliable.

I know it is not the cleanest and most convenient way to set this up but it has been working very reliably.

Thank you for the clarification. I will give it a go!

What did you do so the scene will recognize if it is on or off? I made a virtual on/off tile device, created a scene called “It’s time for bed” and have it set to turn off (in iDevice). I tell Siri “It’s time for bed” and it changes the switch to off, but if it is already in the off position nothing happens and nothing changes in Smartthings. Is there something else I need to set so it will go on and/or off? Also the times I did try, it had problems… I set Rule Machine to change to my Bedtime mode (also tried the routine), but it would only turn off some of my lights (not all of them like it normally does).

Try having iDevice turn it on instead and then use Rule Machine to turn it right back off after everything is fired. Or leave it the way it is and have Rule Machine turn the virtual switch right back on after everything is fired.
Does that make sense?

Typically you don’t want an on/off switch but a momentary switch that just turns on when pressed then back off when let go but as @pizzinini said that does not seem to work. So you are using Rule Machine to hack an On/Off switch to act like a momentary.

I had trouble grasping the concept of On/Off switches VS. Momentary but once you get it then it all makes sense.

Sorry if I confused you :smile:

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AHHHH, I finally got it. I was getting the “iCloud Data Sync is currently in progress. Please try again later” Tuesday night so I just let it sit until I got home last night. I tried Eve again and it pair right up and everything seems to work just fine now. This is so cool! I just got an Apple Watch and totally feel like James Bond issuing commands through my watch :smile:

One question though, I assume I would only be able to use Siri to control things while I am on my Wifi (at home) right? Right now, at work, everything is showing “Unreachable”. This is fine as I will probably only use it while I am home but just wanted to clarify.


@swindmiller: allegedly if you have the newest ATV, it will act as a gateway and then you could use homekit remotely.

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That’s cool! I was more just wondering if it was supposed to work externally or just locally.