Hello Home Actions On Certain Days

I’m attempting to setup actions in Hello, Home that change set the temperature on my thermostat and trigger those actions to occur at certain times. I’m thinking this is a good way to setup a schedule for the thermostat since we don’t currently have a multi-day scheduler for thermostats built in.

This seems to work fine and the actions work and trigger when I want them to.

This missing piece is that I don’t see a way to have actions that trigger only on certain days of the week. So for example, I have a “Good Morning” action that triggers at 7:00 AM and then a “Off to Work” action that triggers at 8:30. These two actions raise the heat when I am waking up, but lower it when I go to work. On Saturday and Sunday, I don’t want the “Off to Work” to kick in.

It doesn’t seem like there is a way to tell the action to only trigger on Mon-Fri, only at a specific time that is the same everyday.

Any thoughts on how to do this with the actions?