Hello Home Action triggering but not doing what it says!

I have a “Hello Home” set for Monday through Friday to set my A/C to a certain temperature at a certain time. However, several times now (4 or 5 times out of like 40 days) where it says it’s setting my t-stat but doesn’t actually do it. If I look in the Hello Home log it says it is setting it, but if I look in the Activity log I don’t see any indication of it sending the commands.
This is some pretty basic functionality and it really needs to be working reliably.

Agreed, I think that the ST cloud has something to do with this. I noticed that when things did not happen for me, that I traced info going to the ST Server, but did not see a response.

What Thermostat are you using? And have you verified that the Internet connection was up at the time the issues happened? Who is your current provider?

It’s a CT100. I don’t think my internet connection was out at the time, as I’m pretty sure I was browsing the web on my computer at that time. I definitely had a connection when this happened at other times.

They are pushing a firmware update to my hub, so hopefully that will help.

Let us know how it works out for you.