Heiman Smart Motion Sensor HS3MS (Zigbee)

I purchased the above device, but I’m unable to ‘pair’ it to the smartthings hub. I follow the instructions on the pamphlet that came with the device, although I think the instructions have been translated from Chinese.

  1. Remove the battery
  2. Wait for 1 minute
  3. Insert the battery
  4. Wait for 30 seconds (red light stops flashing)
  5. Press ‘add’ on my app
  6. Press the networking button for 2 seconds

But the LED doesn’t turn green, or flash.

I’ve seen it flicker green once, but it went straight to red, and doesn’t show up in the smartthings ‘add device’ screen.

Has anybody successfully added one of these devices to their hub?

what hub do you have an which app are you using?

Have you tried adding during the 30 second red light flashing phase? That seems like a more intuitive time to try pairing - you get a 30 second window then it exits pairing mode. If that’s it then it’s likely a translation error in the instructions.

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It’s a smartthings2 hub and I’m using the smartthings classic app.

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Yeah, I’ve tried adding it during every phase.

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