Heatit ZM Single Relay 16A - Device Handler

Hello, does anyone know about a device handler for this relay; Heatit ZM Single Relay 16A ( Heatit ZM Single Relay 16A - Heatit)? Or is it maybe possible to re-use just one of the device handlers from RBoy?

I’m using standard “Z-Wave Metering Switch” with this relay.

I was wondering the same thing, the only information I could find about it is some (I guess) Hungarian video where it’s succesfully connected as Aeotec, but couldn’t tell if metering will work.

Did you manage to figure it out and get it working?

What are you planning to use it for, VVB? I mean boiler?

It works fine with the standard z-wave device handler. I am using it to controll floor heating that does not have a temperature sensor