Heatit Z-Water and Smartthings?

Hi! Sorry if this post is in the wrong section, this is my first post.

Has anyone had any luck with Heatit Z-Water and Smartthings? I believe it’s also known as LHC5020. I can’t seem to find any device handler for it.

I did a search in the community and found this:

Will that work?

Im trying this device handler with heatit gen5 - not much luck tho

Here’s the official release (finally)


I’ve having trouble with controlling the actuator valves connected to my Z-water. I’ve installed the RBoy DH and connected the Z-water to my system, and it appears to show correctly with all the Relays and Sensors in the app.

The problem is that when I try to turn anything on/off nothing happens, and I get a notification about “a network- or server-issue”.

What is the most likely source of error:

  • Wrong wiring or hardware
  • Wrong setup of DH/app/software
  • Bad Z-wave connection to the Z-Water (Its in th ebasement, but I ave multiple Fibaro dimmers and smoke detectors working in the same area).

Thanks in advance.