Heatit Thermostat (Z Wave with Under Floor Heating)

I adressed the problem to Thermo-floor and they sent a new one. Now everything is working :slight_smile:

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Hi, A little update on the problem. I god a new thermostat from Thermo-floor 3 weeks ago, and everything was working well until yesterday. Now the new thermostat also lost its connection. I have a V2 hub, can it have something to do with that?

Try a different hub and also check if your hub is running the latest firmware. The recent hub firmware release had some notes about fixing an issue with zwave connections being lost/dropped.

Okey thanx

Will it work with the HeatIt V2 (Specifically Z-TRM2, not the fx), on a V3 ST HUB?

If you’re referring to the official integration below, yes it works with all smartthings hubs and the question about the older models was answered by maddie. Also we can pick up the conversation on that topic to avoid confusion.

they still do not work optimally. It works for a few days then the thermostats lose connection to the hub.

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The same happens to me, to both of my thermostats. Using hub V2.

I have to hubs, one V3 in my fathers house and my own V2. Both are using the classic app. And in both cases the termostat is offline after a few days.

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Does power cycling the device make it come back online again?

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No, it didnt.

I’ve been using this DH in the Classic app for a couple of years (thanks Adam!) but now I’m trying to use the new Smartthings app all I get is “A Network Error Occurred” when I try to open the device page. The thermostat is reporting correctly in the list of devices but not the config page.

I really have zero exposure to the Smartthings API and Groovy, so being lazy I am wondering if anyone knows if there is an easy change or set of changes to make it work (or is it just me?)

Hi Adam, I’ve been trying to tidy up my device types and point them at Github repositories where possible. However with your brilliant Heatit DH, it keeps telling me “File is not in any repository”. It’s also not finding it if I delete it completely and try to add again it from the repo.

Any ideas? I know this is going back into the dim and distant past…


I got 3 TRM2fx today. (Multireg…but their the same). Got two of them hooked up to the under floor heating and i payd for the Rboy device handler. Ive had Z-wave and smartthings for years and got lots of devices, virtual deviecs, device handlers etc. So I have followed every instruction correct. Device handler added and published, but I cant for the life of me get Smartthings to detect the damn things. Ive tried inclusion 100 times on each of them…Leds keep rolling…smartthing detects nothing. Ends upp in “Err” every time after 20 seconds. I got extended network and power cables for the hub so I am litterarly holding it centimeters from the thermostats. In the clasic app it says that the hub is running 000.028.00012 firmware.
Tried running the Fix Zwave network thingie as well…that just ran and ran for 10 minutes without anything happening. Also tried the general device exclusion and put them in include/exclude… nothing turned up there either. Anyone got any idea?

I buy TRM2fx and try it with lurajons DH, i not get it to work, Only showing 0 degrees se pic,and get sync mismatch check parameter 6.
Is it something i can do?
If i buy RBoys app is it gonna work or do i still get problem?

You can check out this HeatIt approved integration for the TRM2fx model. It works with the new and the Classic app and supports all the Thermostat operating modes and sensors.

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Tried to use your heatit-v1-thermostat-modified.
It seems like i cannot change the P mode value on the device through the app. I CAN change it on the app bit nothing happens on the thermostat itself.

got any idea? :sweat_smile:

Made some bug fixes and updated the layout. You might have re pair it for the settings to take affect. https://github.com/cscheiene/SmartThings-cscheiene/blob/master/devicetypes/cscheiene/heatit-v1-thermostat-modified.src/heatit-v1-thermostat-modified.groovy

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Thanks! It even worked without re pairing the device. I can now see the current temp and set temp. The most important features. But no power readings? Is that correct?

It’s only for the Gen 1 thermostat, it does not have power reporting