Heating without a 'thermostat'

(Matt) #1


First time post - I’m looking for the simplest of heating controls, it goes like this.

Using an open\close sensor to record/measure the temperate.

If temp goes below 15 switch (relay connected to boiler) Heating on.
If temp goes below 15 Switch (relay) Heating off.
Obviously with variable temp range.

I had this operating with SmartRules up until the most recent update but now it simply fails to recognise any rules if have which spurred to to find an alternative.

Am i being stupid or searching in the wrong places, i thought it would be quite simple?

Many thanks.

(Matt) #2

Ok, I’ve found the old ‘it’s too cold’ app which switches the heating relay on fine but the ‘it’s too hot’ will only switch on another device, not switch the heating off - can I adapt the code in the latter to make it switch off instead of switch another thing on?