Heat tape (cable) control

Not sure if this is the right spot for this so if it needs (should) be moved I can do so. I just received my V2 hub for Christmas and so far so good with a connected light bulb and one switch so far. So here is one of my projects that I would like to do. I have heat tape on the back of my house that are currently controlled with regular light switches. Is what I would like to do is control these with ST based on the outside temp. Are there any smartapps or other ways to do this? Thanks in advance.

Take a look at Rule Machine. Make sure to read the entire release notes Bruce has put together in the beginning of this thread. It is quite a bit of reading but it will make your life much easier.

Unless you have your own temperature source you will need to use one of the weather app. for the temp.

What I am doing for a heated bird bath is using IF then That. I have it on at 32 and off above 32, but there is some delay between it and actual. I’d use 35 or higher. I’ll probably move it to Rule Machine.

Not sure I’d trust ST for something where failure could be a huge issue. Many years ago I was in a trailer, used a high grade heat “wire” , one where you cut to length and assemble along with a separate thermostat.


I totally agree with this statement.

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What kind of weather app could I use for this? Like I said pretty new to this stuff. Thanks again. I downloaded and installed the rule machine as suggested now just need to play with it. Thanks again.

I’m using PWS - I have my own Personal Weather Station. As well as WU (Weatherunderground) which can use PWS or most local station. Redundant - but still playing :smile:

Do a search for “Weather Station” there are many options.

There is also the Virtual Thermostat standard smartapp. It may be a bit simpler to setup. In the app go to the marketplace, then look in the smartapps section, climate control - first listed smartapp.

It still needs a temp source. The SmartWeather Station Tile is one I use. There are a couple of things you have to do to get it to automatically refresh, though.

This is what I just got installed. What needs to be to have it update automatically?

Continuing the discussion from Smart Weather station tile app:

I’m not sure I linked to the other thread properly - haven’t tried to do that before. When you get into the IDE you go to the Device Handler section now. Create a new handler (upper right). The modification is to change where is says:
capability “Sensor”
capability “Sensor”
capability “Polling”

then “Save” and “Publish” “For Me”.

The next step after that is to go to your “My Devices” section in the IDE and create a new device and pick YOUR new device handler to use for it.

Then you can install the Pollster SmartApp and have it refresh the weather tile.

It is easier than it sounds but it does have a lot of steps.

If you bought a device that you could install or place outside then you just (may) need a screwdriver and virtual thermostat… Several motion sensors have a temperature sensor built into them, for example.

Thanks this seemed to get things running. Now just a trip to HD to pick up another switch so I can play with the rules app. Thanks everybody for the help. I will post back once I get everything tested.