Heat recover ventilator control

I have a Heat Recovery Ventilator (HRV) system and want to set to BOOST ( max speed) when the humidity rises in bathroom/ ensuite/kitchen. I only have central control at present; either low med or max speed.

I have looked at a wireless humidity sensor and occupancy sensor.

I think the simplest solution is to have a wall mounted momentary action switch which when presses send a wireless command to a receiver mounted next to HRV in roof space. The Receiver would have a preset timer to control the duration of the BOOST period.

To activate the BOOST mode the momentary action switch would only have to be pressed and the HRV would be put in BOOST MODE for a preset time say 15 min.

The HRV can be controlled using a 0-10 V analog signal applied to the speed control line to change the fan speed from min to BOOST. Also, the HRV can be set to BOOST by switching the speed control line to the motor supply voltage; 48V.

The HRV is located in the roof space of a 2 story house. The house is block construction with concrete 1st Floor. I have Wifi in the House bot upstairs and downstairs.

I would require 6 Transmitters and 1 receiver.
I do not wish to undertake any electrical wiring for the Transmitters.

I do not want remote control via PC or mobile. Perhaps the time delay could be set using remote control.

I would appreciate if you could offer a solution.