Heat genius integration

Hey all Heat genius use z- wave ( they have a whole house multi sensor system which I am using). THey say they are releasing their API and a channel on IFTTT later this year which will allow the Heat Genius system to communicate with other home automation systems.

Was hoping to integrate their systms at some point in the future to my samsung hub? What are the chances?

Without seeing the API it’s hard to tell whats possible. But it should be relatively easy with the proper APIs.

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If it is Z-Wave and not joined to another Z-Wave network, you are very likely to be able to join it to SmartThings and “somebody” will develop a Device Type Handler (unless it already mimics a standard Z-Wave Thermostat).

If they have a Cloud based API (likely used by IFTTT), then SmartThings could integrate via a Cloud-to-Cloud type Device Type Handler.

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The Heat Genius Z-Wave network is separate and distinct to your SmartThings Z-Wave network and can’t be joined in a primary/secondary fashion. However an API is imminent.

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I am interested in this too. It is now called Genius Hub I believe, and they have just released their IFTTT channel. Would be great to know would/wouldn’t be possible with Smartthings. The IFTTT commands are pretty lacking at the moment to be honest but it does show some intention at least.

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I’m having a Heat Genius (aka Genius Hub) system installed today and am keen to explore integration with my growing SmartThings (and WebCoRE) & IFTTT setup.

I’d be very interested in learning from the experience of others if anyone is will to share and I’m happy to share unfolding experiences if anyone is interested.