"Headless" floor heat control

Hey all,

I have four in-floor electric radiant heat zones in my RV. Each zone has a temp probe buried in the tile. The probe leads as well as the load wires all are run to a central electrical bay underneath the RV (because it was way too expensive to retrofit them into the finished walls).

So basically I have four 1500W 120V loads to drive, unlimited electricity at my subpanel, and four NTC 10kOhm floor probes.

What I want to do is be able to set floor temperatures on all four zones via devices on my LAN, since any physical interfaces on the thermostats will be hidden underneath in the basement. I also don’t want something that requires an internet server to intermediate the app or web page on my devices, because half the time we don’t have an internet connection. And whatever thermostat (or hack) I use has to be able to read those floor probes.

I feel like this should be pretty simple, but I don’t see any obvious, off-the-shelf products that look like they can handle this. The handful of network-enabled specialized floor-heat thermostats seem all to use a cloud service for remote interaction. I see some European possibilities that look like maybe they’d work, but I’d need to add external relays to make my 120V heat pads compatible. (I do have access to 240V AC if needed.)

I have alternate heating sources in my RV, managed on traditional thermostats, so these floor heat pads are not safety-critical. That said, in moderately cool weather they do generally make enough heat for the whole rig, so these become our primary/preferred heating method when we are plugged into a power pole.

Thanks for any ideas!